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Art of Relaxation
with Monica Rottmann

Fri 18 January 6.30pm-9pm
Sat 19 January 10.30am-1pm
Sun 20 January 10.30am-1pm


Stress and anxiety through the roof?

Feeling physically tired and exhausted but the mind is racing?

Do you have trouble switching off?

Are you plagued by chronic muscle tension?

Get to the root of stress and anxiety and learn techniques to free the body and mind from overwhelm, exhaustion and overdrive.

We will teach you how to recognise stress and anxiety, how to address stress at the root and learn practical techniques to maintain physical emotional and mental balance.

Learning simple and practical ways to offload stress is priceless . The course itself was fun and relaxing. I couldn’t recommend it more! I felt empowered to handle stress and anxiety. Even before the end of the weekend I was using these skills in my everyday life. – Kellie.


Friday 18 January 6.30pm-9pm

Theory 45mins
+ understanding the stress response
+recognise anxiety
+ stress self-assessment and triggers
+ understanding the psoas

Practice 1hr 45min

+ practical anxiety relief
+ unlock the secrets of the psoas
+ body awareness, embodiment and cultivating sensitivity
+ yoga nidra

Saturday 19 January 10.30am-1pm

Theory 45min
+ discover the magic of the Vagus Nerve
+ get to the root of chronic muscle tension

Practice 1hr 45min
+ anxiety relief through the breath and body
+ progressive muscle relaxation
+ techniques to relieve chronic tension

Sunday 20 January 10.30am-1pm

Theory 45min
+ emotional stress and wellbeing
+ emotions and trauma in the body
+ getting to the root of anxiety
+ the role of mindfulness

Practice 1hr 45min
+ embodiment
+ Non-Linear Movement
+ Mindfulness and anxiety relief

Facilitated by the owner of Cultivate Calm Yoga – Brisbane’s home of relaxation.

Monica’s approach to the topic was great. She was very open and built trust and understanding through her knowledge and empathy. The flow of information and exercises worked really well. It all made sense even the bits that were challenging e.g. embodiment & constant movement. At the end of the weekend I felt Calm, Reflective, Less mental chatter, Thankful.

Art of Relaxation
with Monica Rottmann

Fri 18 January 6.30pm-9pm
Sat 19 January 10.30am-1pm
Sun 20 January 10.30am-1pm


BONUS digital content

+ guided relaxation
+ embodiment practice
+ online Yin class

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