Art of Relaxation

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Art of Relaxation

with Cat Pham

Friday 22 January 6.30pm-9pm
Saturday 23 January 10.30am-2pm
Sunday 24 January 10.30am-2pm

$260 if purchased before 12 January. $320 if purchased after 12 January.

Our mental health is our most important asset, yet 2020 has tested us all. If we don’t learn how to relax properly, we will be stuck in a state of stress and anxiety. Chronic stress lead to muscle tension, insomnia, digestive troubles, mood problems and anxiety.

In this unique 3 day course, you will get to the root of anxiety and stress.

  • Practical Anxiety Relief
  • Unwind the Psoas
  • Activate the Vagus Nerve
  • Learn to deal with your emotions.

This course has been running for 3 years as it empowers people with practical tools to deal with their anxiety.



Theory 45mins
+ understanding the stress response
+recognise anxiety
+ stress self-assessment and triggers
+ understanding the psoas

Practice 1hr 45min
+ practical anxiety relief
+ unlock the secrets of the psoas
+ body awareness, embodiment and cultivating sensitivity
+ yoga nidra


Theory 45min
+ discover the magic of the Vagus Nerve
+ get to the root of chronic muscle tension

Practice 3hr 15 min
+ anxiety relief through the breath and body
+ progressive muscle relaxation
+ techniques to relieve chronic tension


Theory 45min
+ emotional stress and wellbeing
+ emotions and trauma in the body
+ getting to the root of anxiety
+ the role of mindfulness

Practice 2hr 15 min
+ embodiment
+ Non-Linear Movement
+ Mindfulness and anxiety relief

Cancellation and refund policy

If you need to cancel, you will get a full refund if you provide us 72hrs notice. If less than 72hrs notice is provided, we will only give you a credit to a future workshop if we can fill your place.

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