A gentle yoga practice to wind down after a stressful day (23min).

You will need a bolster/cushion/rolled-up towel.

Ideally, do this near a wall or chair/lounge so you can put your legs up.


Monica x


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“It’s been two weeks since I took part in the relaxation course  and I just wanted to message and let you know how things have gone for me since.

I was one of the people in your class that had over 20 points of stress when I walked into your class. I was a little knot of stress and I barely even registered what I was feeling as stress.

I got the comment today from one of my colleagues that he hadn’t seen me smile as much in two years as I had in the last two weeks since.

I work in a highly stressful job, a lot of responsibilities and pressure. For the last two weeks, I feel like I finally have some perspective. I see the stress of other people and don’t take it on. I come home after a hard day and I don’t feel the need to hold onto my work responsibilities. My partner has been going through some hard stuff with his family and I have been able to support him and coach him through it when previously I would’ve taken it on and ended up stressing more than him!

I don’t know if it’s a mindset shift, or applying the tricks you taught us, or some mixture of both… but it has honestly changed my life. I am the calm one in the office now!

So I guess I wanted to write in and say, thank you for everything you taught me. I’ll be recommending everyone I can for the next one!!”