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If you’ve ever found yourself fuming on your yoga mat or you’ve been experiencing a deeper set of emotions during practice lately, this episode is for you. Today, I’m exploring why anger can unexpectedly surface during your yoga journey, why it’s actually a sign of progress, and how embracing your emotions can reduce anxiety.

Most people think of yogis as perpetually calm and serene, making it quite a shock when anger bubbles up during a yoga class. I’ve experienced it myself – I was supposed to be relaxing, but instead, my blood started to boil, my muscles twitched, and the urge to punch something overwhelmed me. It’s a common occurrence and, believe it or not, a positive sign of your yoga practice maturing.

In this episode, I share how yoga works in stages, starting externally from the physical body and gradually delving into the deeper layers of our being. When we reach the emotional layer, all our buried emotions rise to the surface for processing, and this stage can be quite confronting. I talk about the importance of allowing these buried emotions to move through your body to release tension and anxiety.

Many of us were taught as children not to be angry, but anger isn’t your enemy; it’s a natural emotion. I talk about the importance of recognising that anger is something you are experiencing and how certain yoga poses or sequences might conjure up this emotion to help you deal with it properly. Anger can be incredibly healing when channelled correctly however, suppressing anger does nothing but hinder your physical and emotional well-being.

As humans, we are meant to experience the full spectrum of emotions, both positive and negative. Unfortunately, many of us have learned to suppress our negative emotions, storing them in our bodies, which causes tension, anxiety, and fatigue. This is where yoga is so powerful because those emotions can move through your body and no longer be locked inside.

If you’ve been experiencing anger in your yoga practice, I can assure you this is not a sign of failure; it’s a testament to your growth. Emotions are a vital part of the human experience, and yoga can help us embrace and release them. By understanding the connection between yoga poses and emotions, we can tap into the healing power of this ancient practice. So, the next time you feel anger on your yoga mat, remember that it’s all part of the journey towards emotional healing and self-discovery.


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