Your FIRST MONTH of yoga only $88


Product Description

Introductory 1 Month Unlimited Yoga $88

This is a once only offer for people who are keen to make a commitment to themselves.

You can attend an unlimited amount of classes within a one month period. How good would it be to do a vinyasa class and then chill out afterwards with a gentle yin class without worrying about the cost? You don’t have to limit yourself with this pass. Maybe do a morning class to invigorate you and an evening class to help you relax?

Imagine what it would feel like to practice yoga regularly?  Picture yourself feeling relaxed, strong, flexible.

If you come to just 2 classes per week, this works out at $11 per class

If you come to 3 classes per week, this works out at $7.33 per class

If you go away or get sick, we can pause the pass so you don’t miss out.

What are you waiting for? The pass will start when redeemed in the studio, not from the date of purchase.

Please choose carefully, our yoga passes are not refundable.


This is a beautiful studio. The teachers are all lovely and each brings different strengths to the classes. The studio itself is very peaceful and it is a pleasure to go there. I’ve found the staff to be very flexible and they even allow you to pause your account if you go on holidays. I think this is a great thing. I would highly recommend this studio.