yoga membership brisbane

Imagine the change that can happen in 3 months? And not just physical changes either. How good would you feel doing yoga every week for 13 weeks?

The pass can be paused for ANY reason



Product Description

3 months unlimited yoga $450

Get unlimited yoga for $34.60 per week paid upfront.

How good would you feel doing yoga every week for 13 weeks? AMAZING. Imagine how well you’d sleep, how strong and flexible you will become? Imagine having some mental space?

All you have to do is show up on your mat each week. Even on the days you don’t feel like it, we’ve got plenty of Yin Yoga classes so that you can really unwind and relax.

If you come to just 3 classes per week, this works out at $11.50 per class

If you come to 6 classes per week, this works out at $5.75 per class

If you go away or get sick, we can pause your membership so you don’t miss out. Not many yoga studios in Brisbane are as flexible with their memberships as we are.

What are you waiting for? The pass will start when redeemed in the studio, not from the date of purchase.

Please choose carefully, our yoga memberships are not refundable.


I’ve tried a few yoga studios around Brisbane, and this is definitely the best one I’ve found. The atmosphere is open and grounded, and yoga mats are supplied! Getting myself to classes is often hard work for me, but I find myself looking forward to class here. I particularly love yin yoga, for the deep stretches and destressing 🙂


Cultivate Calm Yoga is a hidden gem. Welcoming, inclusive and supportive, the studio absolutely does what it says on the tin – you will cultivate your own calm here. I feel like this is a yoga studio for “real” people, with all the instructors able to help modify poses to suit all sorts of bodies and abilities. The courses and workshops on offer are great as well for something out of the usual!


Hit my mid 60’s with a thud.

Work, personal, waist line, bad back, metal knee – you know, the sort of stuff you accrue too easily. One day, I found I could not get down on the floor, without falling the last 50cm. That was it! Time to change the settings.

That’s when I found Cultivate Calm. Did a bit of yoga 20 years ago but this was much, much better. Great timetable means lots of choices of classes to attend, plus a range of yoga styles. Started just looking for some flexibility and Yin and Basics have helped with that; but in the process have found my thinking is now clearer.

Also, I was keeping my chiropractor in business, with constant back spasms but now, he’s had to downgrade his lifestyle, as I have not seen him for 10 months, thanks to the twists and back work in the classes.

The teachers are exceptional. All have a nice, relaxed demeanour but take the time to explain the poses and the goals of each position. Not only that, but they provide several levels of intensity. The support provided by them, and by the other yogis is really refreshing.

And blokes, don’t think yoga is a ‘girly’ thing. Many blokes attend most of the classes I have been to. Guess you could say I went for the exercise, but discovered a lifestyle.