Do you work out or do you yoga?

Or can you do both? There's no doubt that a yoga practice is great for the body. But yoga is so much more than a workout. Sure it feels good to stretch and sweat and relax your tense muscles, but you can do this with any exercise and stretching regime - what makes yoga any [...]

Yoga inspiration

I tend to get my yoga inspiration from books rather than pictures. Sure I've viewed heaps of yoga online, but the things that have really moved me, resonated or struck a chord with me generally come from books. I've also had some inspiring teachers, but like books, they've pointed to things inside of me that I [...]

The spaces in between

I like to look to the spaces in between. I like to explore the gaps and fall into the cracks. The space in between words, the pause between songs, the brief moment when there is no noise, just silence and space. I look for moments of stillness. I like the transitions between yoga poses. I [...]


There are lots of different practices in the realm of yoga. You’ve probably practiced asana, the physical poses practiced with the breath, and you may also practice meditation and contemplation techniques, which primarily use the mind.   Kirtan is one of many practices that I like to call ‘emotional yoga’. In kirtan, we chant uplifting, [...]

Finding it hard to meditate?

The sixth limb of yoga Dharana – concentration Finding it hard to meditate? You’re not alone. You just can’t stop thinking right? Many people new to meditation find it near impossible. As soon as they are asked to be still their mind goes wandering at a million miles an hour. Sound familiar? Meditation requires concentration, [...]

Yoga glossary

Ever wondered about the weird terminology used in a yoga class? Here’s your go to guide. If some of this sounds a bit too hippy or new-agey, just remember that the yoga we know today stems from an ancient spiritual practice which emphasised the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga over the physical. These strange [...]

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The eight limbs of yoga – Pranayama

Pranayama or breath control is the fourth limb of yoga (Yama, Niyamas and Asanas make up the first 3). Pranayama is where we start to shift our attention from the gross (such as our behaviours and physical poses) to the subtle (the inner body). It marks the turning point from the physical to the mental [...]

The eight limbs of yoga – Asana

We've been exploring the first two limbs of yoga; yamas and niyamas, now it's time to look at the third limb of yoga - asanas. Asanas are the physical poses. Many people who are new to yoga assume that yoga is only about asanas. As you can see, the physical poses are just the tip [...]

The Eight Limbs of Yoga

You may have heard your teacher refer to the eight limbs of Raja Yoga in class to remind students of the stepping stones to stilling the mind. Yamas There are 5 yamas or avoidances we should begin to observe if we wish to undertake the yogic path. They help us to maintain a healthy mind [...]

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