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5 yoga poses for tension headaches

I just happen to know a thing or two about yoga and a LOT about headaches as I've suffered them most of my life. It was actually my headaches that got me started with yoga. I've gone from having chronic daily headaches to maybe just one or two a month and I attribute it all [...]

Protect your shoulders in chaturanga

Chaturanga Dandasana or low plank is a key pose in the vinyasa transition. It is a repetitive pose, so if done incorrectly it can lead to shoulder injury. It takes time to build the upper body strength to do it correctly, so if you're still working on building strength, do the whole sequence with your [...]

Bandhas and core strength

What is the core? Our core muscles go well beyond the six-pack abs of the rectus abdominus, in fact our core muscles are a group of about 10 muscles that surround the spine, front and back. Our core muscles stabilise the spine and pelvis and provide the power and strength for much of our movement. We [...]

Do you work out or do you yoga?

Or can you do both? There's no doubt that a yoga practice is great for the body. But yoga is so much more than a workout. Sure it feels good to stretch and sweat and relax your tense muscles, but you can do this with any exercise and stretching regime - what makes yoga any [...]

5 Reasons Yin Yoga is Cool

Wanting to convince a friend to come along to a yin class?  Here's five reasons Yin Yoga is cool from one of Brisbane's leading Yin yoga studios:   1. Cool down Yin yoga is a cooling practice. It actually lowers our body temperature. A mindful yin practice will slow our rate of respiration, slow our [...]

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How to start a home yoga practice

We all have good intentions of practicing yoga at home, but when we go to do it, it's not as glamorous as we imagined and we give up. Here's my first tip, your home practice will never be like a yoga class so don't put so much pressure on yourself to make it perfect. My home practice [...]