The spaces in between

I like to look to the spaces in between. I like to explore the gaps and fall into the cracks. The space in between words, the pause between songs, the brief moment when there is no noise, just silence and space. I look for moments of stillness. I like the transitions between yoga poses. I [...]

What is mindfulness?

Guest blog post by Dr Niamh Jensen, Clinical Psychologist   Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention. It is about being in the present moment and focusing your attention in an open, flexible and non-judgemental way. It does not just involve sustaining our attention, but also being able to deliberately shift our attention to [...]

Finding it hard to meditate?

The sixth limb of yoga Dharana – concentration Finding it hard to meditate? You’re not alone. You just can’t stop thinking right? Many people new to meditation find it near impossible. As soon as they are asked to be still their mind goes wandering at a million miles an hour. Sound familiar? Meditation requires concentration, [...]

Don’t be a bore, what to do when boredom strikes

  Boredom, it’s that feeling we know is there. Waiting for us, just beneath the surface. As soon as we stop doing something, it rises to the surface. It can make us reach for a drink, the phone, the TV remote, the credit card or food. We all suffer from it. One of the biggest [...]

The Power of the Breath

Flexibility, strength and balance are all by-products of a regular yoga practice. The true purpose of yoga is to unite your mind, body and spirit. This can be achieved through the breath and mindful breathing (pranayama). The importance of the breath in yoga should not be underestimated, without mindful breathing yoga just becomes any other [...]

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