The Science Behind the MindBody Connection

I recently attended an event on the Art and Science of Relaxation which incorporated evidence-based relaxation techniques and an introduction to psychoneuroimmunology (aka the mind-body connection). It was fascinating and confirmed what yogis have known for thousands of years: that the mind and body are connected and our thoughts and emotions affect our health. As a [...]

Why I don’t do busy

Disclaimer: This is an opinion piece about choices I've made in my life. Ask me if I've been busy lately and I will tell you that I don't do busy. I'm not trying to be smart, it's a central theme of how I live my life. A while back I made a conscious decision to edit [...]

The yoga you can’t see

There’s the yoga you can see, and the yoga that you can’t see. Initially the emphasis of our yoga practice is external. The body, the poses, building strength and gaining flexibility. But as our practice matures, the focus naturally shifts to the internal. Often people are surprised at how much internal focus there is in [...]

How Yoga Works

The thing I love about teaching yoga is seeing the transformations in people. Practice diligently for 12 months and it will change your life. But the question I get asked the most is "How exactly does it work"? What makes yoga so life changing compared to Pilates or the gym? Firstly, the yoga poses are [...]

Yoga Nidra Body Breathing

Listen to this 11 min audio when you need to relax. Want more ways to lower your stress? Cultivate Calm at Home with us. ONLINE YOGA CLASSES    

Breathe your way to better health

To be honest, I'd never paid that much attention to my breath before I started practising yoga. And during class I used to hold my breath to squeeze into a yoga pose... I never really understood the breath connection until I trained to be a yoga teacher, which is why I place such an emphasis [...]

Do you work out or do you yoga?

Or can you do both? There's no doubt that a yoga practice is great for the body. But yoga is so much more than a workout. Sure it feels good to stretch and sweat and relax your tense muscles, but you can do this with any exercise and stretching regime - what makes yoga any [...]

5 Reasons Yin Yoga is Cool

Wanting to convince a friend to come along to a yin class?  Here's five reasons Yin Yoga is cool from one of Brisbane's leading Yin yoga studios:   1. Cool down Yin yoga is a cooling practice. It actually lowers our body temperature. A mindful yin practice will slow our rate of respiration, slow our [...]

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