Ready to start or grow your business without the overwhelm?

You CAN have a soul-led business that makes an impact and makes your profit.

You can be both spiritual and successful.

You can be a healer and abundant.

You can be booked out and have a relaxed lifestyle.

Success in business isn’t luck. It’s a combination of mindset, marketing and strategy.

If you want to start or grow your business, have more clients, help more people and be profitable, you don’t need more qualifications or certificates; you need to start believing in yourself, get the business foundations in place and know how to get and keep clients.

A great product or service is not enough; we need clients and customers so that we can have the impact we desire.

Without structure and strategy, our intuitive and soulful business can be chaotic.

Without a grounded mindset and belief in yourself, you will be plagued by imposter syndrome.

Without support, you can be stuck on the merry-go-round of not enough clients, not enough time and not enough income for years.

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Hi Friend,

I’m Monica. I started Cultivate Calm Yoga 10 years ago with no business plan and just a desire to help people. I learned by trial and error what works and what doesn’t.

Now I coach other entrepreneurs who want to turn their dream into profit and start, grow or scale their soul’s purpose into a thriving business.

I’m not like other business coaches; I have an award-winning wellness business which gives me a deep understanding and experience of what it’s like to run a soulful business that feels spiritually aligned while also needing to pay the bills and make a profit.

I have a psychology degree and am a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, so I combine all the practical skills of building a sustainable and profitable business with the psychology and mindset of sales and marketing and overcoming fears, blocks and self-sabotage.

As a yoga and meditation teacher, I also coach you to feel safe in your nervous system so that you can put yourself out there, make sales, and receive success.

I love combining the spiritual with the practical, the feminine flow and intuition with the masculine structure and strategy while unpacking the subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs holding you back from the business of your dreams.

You deserve to have a booked-out business that lights you up.

You deserve to make good money doing what you love.

You deserve support to start or grow your dream business.

Calling all Coaches, Teachers, Healers and Entrepreneurs

It’s time to ditch the confusion and overwhelm and THRIVE in business.

Maybe you feel you’re not successful enough to hire a coach.

Maybe you think you should be more experienced?

A coach can help you achieve your goals faster.

Waiting to be more successful before you hire a coach means you might be waiting a LONG time.

  • If you want more clients
  • If you want to make more money
  • If you want to make more impact
  • If you want to leverage your time
  • If you want to create and sell a signature program
  • If you want to be fully booked
  • If you want to stop sabotaging yourself,
  • And, you’re ready to do the work

Then you’re in the right place!

3 Month VIP Business Coaching with Monica

This is the program to turn your idea or side hustle into a fully-fledged business with bankable income.

Work with me to get the strategic foundations in place to accelerate and propel your business into profit.

We will identify who you serve, your key business values, your strengths and develop a marketing strategy that plays to your strengths.

Using my signature formula of Mindset, Marketing and Making it happen we will get your business off the ground, get your first paying clients and start selling out your offers.

Mindset is all about our beliefs, especially the ones that hold us back. Together, we will identify and clear these limiting beliefs so that you can feel confident to get visible, talk about your business, and make good money doing what you love. Say goodbye to imposter syndrome and hello to booking clients.

Marketing is the way we help our ideal clients get to know, like and trust us so that they feel confident to buy from us. Together, we will develop a marketing plan and build your copywriting skills so that your clients fall in love with your business through your content and your unique value proposition.

Making it happen is all about consistency in showing up and executing the tasks that grow your business. We will find a way of working that feels good to you so that you can ditch the stress, overwhelm and burnout and create a thriving business that FEELS GOOD.

Get three months of one-on-one support to dive deep into your business, get clear on what you want, overcome your blocks and sabotages and put the systems and strategies in place to thrive.

+ 12 x 1hr Zoom calls

+ Unlimited email support Mon-Thu

+ Content review and editing, including website, email and social media marketing reviews

Who this is for

  • You have an existing business or idea

  • You want more clients, more impact and more profit

  • You work with clients either 1/1 or you want to create a course

  • You want to step up, grow your confidence and THRIVE in business

  • You’re fully committed to doing the work, and you want to be held accountable for your success.

  • You want to stop limiting yourself and your success

Who this is NOT for:

  • You don’t know what business you want to start

  • You don’t have the time or energy to do the work

  • You’re in survival mode and are looking for someone to rescue you

  • You want a quick fix and quick cash without doing the foundational work

Peace of Mind Guarantee

If you don’t make your investment back in new revenue, I will coach you until you do.

Client love

The reason I chose to work with Monica is because she has done the hard yards herself. She is not just talking the talk. Having been a yogi at Cultivate Calm Yoga for a few years now – I had observed the changes over the years of her business, plus how she managed and coped with the fallout from Covid. She inspires in a calm, non- judgemental way – and that calms me too!

Monica is direct with no BS. Not that this means she is hard and unempathetic. Far from it. But she ensured that I was accountable for the decisions I made. She challenged me when I needed to be, and boosted me up when I needed that too.

Monica’s own business experience means that what she counsels comes with experience – she has done the hard yards and I get it in a neat package each week like a to-do list – to learn, experience and grow from. It was exciting.

Monica kept telling me this was the foundational work – and rewards would be reaped around 3-4 months after momentum had begun. But my momentum went BOOM! This January I had the most clients I have ever had, my social media marketing received comments (never happened before!) and there was engagement! Plus I had a week of best-ever income!

When I allow my mind to stop being destructive my self-worth and confidence have improved. Monica empowers her clients – she offers guidance and sometimes shows by example, especially with me and my constant need to be perfect. She gave me permission to continue to learn and grow and did not expect me to be brilliant on day 1!

Caroline – Bowen Therapist

I started coaching with Monica because I was impressed with how she ran her own business. As a yoga teacher, I was full of imposter syndrome and never felt good enough. Monica worked with me to unpack the roots of my imposter syndrome and taught me to how to believe in myself. This gave me the confidence to start my own yoga business and sell out my first 6-week yoga course.

I can’t believe how busy my classes are and my clients love the way I market myself. Coaching with Monica gave me the support and tool to get out of my own way and start the business I was too scared to do on my own.

Suzie – Yoga Teacher

Monica helped me see that I was undercharging and overdelivering. I now know my worth and have boundaries. I feel so much more confident with my marketing and sales and Monica helped me create and sell a 5 week course.

Client testimonial

Wow, just wow. For the first time in a long time, I felt SEEN. Monica believed in my big vision for my business and helped me see how to make it happen. She helped me stay grounded and focused as I can easily get distracted by shiny object syndrome.

I thought I knew what marketing was, but we changed my whole approach, and it turbocharged my bookings. I can’t believe how many sales we made with just one email. I feel more confident as a leader and the value I create for my clients. I’m actually making a profit each month instead of just scraping by

Client testimonial