Brisbane yoga and meditation classes

Relax your body, calm your mind.

SIGN UP NOW – First 5 classes $40

Beginner-friendly Yoga and Meditation classes to relax your body and calm your mind.

Conveniently located in East Brisbane, a short walk from the Gabba and only 2km from the Brisbane CBD.

There’s  free street parking

We have over 30 classes each week

Our teachers are experienced in yoga (and life too)

We provide all equipment free of charge

We have a supportive community and social events where you can meet like-minded people.

Cultivate Calm Yoga Brisbane

How we help

We apply ancient yoga techniques to modern living to help you to

  • become flexible and move with ease
  • strengthen and tone the upper body, core and legs
  • improve your breathing and lung capacity
  • relax physical and mental tension so you feel less stressed
  • cultivate a calm and peaceful mind
  • feel better inside and out

Whether you are new to yoga or you know what you’re doing, our yoga classes use the body and breath and tools to calm the mind.

Who we help

Yoga isn’t just for young, flexible women. We can help you if you are

  • stressed and burnt out
  • older and never done yoga before
  • unable to touch your toes but want to
  • looking for natural ways to manage anxiety and stress
  •  sick of gym culture and just want to get strong and flexible
  • at a crossroads looking for purpose and meaning
  • at a stage in life where you have experienced success yet feel unfullfilled, like there’s something missing
  •  rebuilding your life after loss or a health issue
SIGN UP NOW – First 5 classes $40
Cultivate Calm Yoga is a fantastic place to do Yoga. Everyone is super friendly, instructors and participants alike. It is a very welcoming atmosphere. I started out hardly being able to do anything after a long absence from exercise, but the easy to follow instructions and welcoming environment has allowed me to feel so much better. You don’t have to have your own yoga gear, everything is provided and the different levels of classes allow you to go at YOUR pace, and not feel intimidated


I’ve been attending the Cultivate Calm studio for several years after trying out several others. I’ve stayed with Cultivate Calm because of their approach being less like an exercise class and all about yoga & meditation with an inner focus. There are lots of classes on the timetable and the fee structure of $30 a week without contract and the ability to pause at anytime for travel makes it a perfect fit for me.


This is a beautiful studio. The teachers are all lovely and each bring different strengths to the classes. The studio itself is very peaceful and it is a pleasure to go there. I’ve found the staff to be very flexible and they even allow you to pause your account if you go on holidays. I think this is a great thing. I would highly recommend this studio!


Cultivate Calm Yoga is a hidden gem. Welcoming, inclusive and supportive, the studio absolutely does what it says on the tin – you will cultivate your own calm here. I feel like this is a yoga studio for “real” people, with all the instructors able to help modify poses to suit all sorts of bodies and abilities. The courses and workshops on offer are great as well for something out of the usual!


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