Breathwork Techniques for Stress and Anxiety

  1. Extended exhales – make your exhale twice as long as your inhale
  2. Alternate nostril breath – close one nostril and breathe through the other
  3. So Ham – repeat the word So on each inhale. Repeat the word Ham on each exhale. So ham means I am awareness.
  • Breathe through your nose

  • Breathe into the belly

  • Keep the breath easy and relaxed

  • Daily practice for a cumulative effect

  • Sneak breathwork in whenever you can

Welcome friend,

Thanks for watching this breathwork workshop. Breathwork is the key to regulating our nervous system, helping our body to feel more relaxed.

Breathwork and Meditation work together really well to calm the mind. Just 20 minutes of So Ham each day will profoundly affect how you think and feel.

We can’t control our external environment, but we can control how we respond to life’s stressors. We have the choice to react the same old way, or we can choose to use our breath and meditation tools to create peace and calm rather than stress and anxiety.

If you’re curious about Meditation, check out the Meditation Habit.

If you have any questions about breathwork, stress, anxiety, yoga or nervous system health – send an email to

I will happily share any tips or resources with you.

Keep calm,


Monica founded Cultivate Calm Yoga in 2013 – a sanctuary for people seeking more than exercise yoga. She has created a hub for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Monica has a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (psychology), is a Level 2 Yoga and Meditation Teacher, a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach and Timeline Therapy Practitioner.

This unique combination of skills weaves Yogic wisdom with modern psychology and the clearing of subconscious programming that keeps us stuck.

Monica is an expert at holding space for people to feel safe to unravel the layers of past hurt and trauma. She’s supportive and compassionate, and because she’s done the work herself, she’s incredibly non-judgmental.

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