Yoga is just like life. Embarrassing things happen and we need to laugh them off. Here’s a list of embarrassing things that happen in yoga and what to do if it happens to you.

1. Farting

It happens all the time. Not a day goes by when someone doesn’t fart in class. All that twisting and bending can make it hard to hold in… Just remember, you won’t die of embarrassment and the class won’t break out on laughter. No one will call you out for doing it and by the end of the class, you will be the only one who remembered. If this is something that worries you, practise engaging your Mula Bandha by drawing up through your pelvic floor and anal sphincter muscles. If someone else does it, try your best not to laugh.

2. Wardrobe malfunction

From a yoga teacher who’s seen it all, I do recommend that you check your clothes don’t have holes in the crotch or aren’t see through. Bend over in front of a mirror if you’re not sure what I mean. Some fabrics can be really sheer when you bend over, so to avoid showing your polka dot undies to the class, make sure you check from all angles. Also, you will be going upside down so if you don’t want your belly to show, make sure your shirt can tuck into your pants. Guys aren’t immune to wardrobe malfunctions either, if you don’t wear undies the boys may make an appearance in reclining butterfly…

3. Falling over

This really isn’t something you should be embarrassed about. Falling out of a pose is part of the learning process. You never really know where your edge is until you go over it.  If it happens to you just laugh it off, if it happens to someone else, don’t laugh.

4. Falling asleep

Sleeping is not yoga. Savasana is not sleeping. But, people fall asleep all the time in yoga and meditation. If you fall asleep in yoga it just means you’re tired, try to get more sleep and laugh it off. If you fall asleep in meditation you may snore and disrupt others. If you think you’re going to fall asleep, meditate in an upright position.

Just remember that most people are focused on themselves in yoga so if you do fart or accidentally show more skin than you intended, no one really cares. Laugh it off and use it to keep your ego healthy. Have you had an embarrassing moments you’d care to share?