Class Pass: 6 months unlimited yoga


Class Pass: 6 months unlimited yoga

$690.00 inc GST

You will need to bring your receipt the studio as proof of purchase.


Product Description

6 months unlimited yoga for $690

Picture yourself in 6 months time, having practiced yoga every week for 26 weeks. Imagine how you would feel. Imagine having energy. Imagine your body. Imagine being calm all the time.

If you like this picture then all you need to do is show up on your mat each week. Even on the days you don’t feel like it we’ve got plenty of Yin Yoga classes so that you can really unwind and relax.

You don’t have to go crazy or hard core. Just 3 classes a week will have an unbelievable affect on your body and mind. But if you do want to go every day then expect your life to seriously change.

Image the change that can happen in 6 months? And not just physical changes either. How good would you feel doing yoga every week for 26 weeks? AMAZING. Imagine how well you’d sleep, how strong and flexible you will become? Imagine having some mental space?

Make a serious commitment to yourself and get serious benefits.

So many of our regular students have found  Cultivate Calm to be life changing. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our reviews

These people are proof that rolling our your yoga mat week in and week out (even on the days you couldn’t be bothered) has a cumulative affect on your mental and physical health.

If you come to just 3 classes per week, this works out at $8.85  per class

If you come to 6 classes per week, this works out at $4.42  per class (that’s cheaper than your daily coffee)

If you go away or get sick, we can pause the pass so you don’t miss out. Not many yoga studios in Brisbane are as flexible with their memberships as we are.

What are you waiting for? The pass will start when redeemed in the studio, not from the date of purchase.

Practice 3 times a week to change your body, practice 6 times a week to change your life. Don’t believe us?Check out some of our reviews online


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