Beginner's Yoga Brisbane

Nervous about starting yoga?

There’s no need to be nervous starting yoga with us. We’re experts in teaching yoga to beginner’s so you’ve come to the right place. Our Brisbane yoga classes really are accessible to everybody including beginners. We’ve been there too. We know that your first yoga class can be scary, that you’re not sure what to expect, that you don’t know if you’re good enough or even what to wear.

Don’t worry, we have yoga classes and courses that will build your confidence, strength and flexibility.

You don’t’ have to be fit or flexible to do yoga.

You don’t need fancy clothes and you don’t even need a yoga mat – you can use ours.

Beginner’s Yoga Course

Never done yoga before?

Our Beginner’s Yoga Course which will take you from raw beginner to confident yogi. Learn the basics of yoga in a supportive and friendly environment.

This is the most comprehensive beginner’s yoga course in Brisbane. You get 2 teachers, 6 hours of workshops, a free 5 class pass, detailed course notes and small class sizes.

The next Beginner’s Yoga Course starts  1 June 2018. These courses are selling quickly, be quick to avoid disappointment.beginner's Yoga course Brisbane

How much are the yoga classes?

First time students can claim the Introductory offer of 5 yoga classes for $30. Check out the other class pass prices too.

Which yoga class is for me?

Both the Vinyasa Basics and Yin yoga classes are suitable for beginners but there’s a big difference between the two. If you’re looking for something really gentle and relaxing without working up a sweat then the Yin class is for you. This is perfect for those looking to develop their flexibility, calm their mind, manage stress and rehabilitate from injury as it focuses on deep, passive stretches.

The Vinyasa Basics class is an active yoga class featuring traditional standing and seated poses as well as sun salutations. It’s a bit easier than a regular Vinyasa class and features more alignment cues so you can be sure you’re doing it right.

What do I need to bring?

Wear comfy gym clothes, bring a water bottle and yoga mat if you have one, otherwise borrow one of ours.

If you tend to sweat a lot, bring a towel.

Yoga is a barefoot activity so no shoes are required.

Please wear deodorant and ensure your body and clothes are odour free. We do a lot of deep breathing in yoga and there’s nothing worse than inhaling someone’s body odour.

Do I need to book?

Bookings are recommended, otherwise turn up 25 min early. You can book online via the timetable page and you will need a valid pass to book.

Do I need to do the Beginner’s Yoga Course?

No, you don’t have to do the Beginner’s Yoga Course to start yoga with us. Just book into one of our Vinyasa Basics classes.

We find there two types of people:

  1. those who like personal attention, structure, small class sizes, detailed instructions and notes
  2. those who pick things up as they go along

If you’re the first type then our Beginner’s Yoga Course is for you. If you’re the second type, just book into a Vinyasa Basics class on the timetable and see how you go.

You can always book into the Beginner’s Yoga Course if you need more instruction.

Yoga etiquette and things to know during class

  • Practice yoga on an empty stomach, avoid large meals 2 hours before class (light snacks are ok)
  • Always let your teacher know if you’ve been sick, have an injury, medical condition or are pregnant
  •  If you have a cold or flu, please be mindful of your fellow yogis and stay home until you are well
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early. Our classes start on time and we lock the doors
  • Refrain from loud talking before and after class
  • Turn your phone off
  • Unless you are feeling unwell, please stay for the duration of the class
  • Leave your belongings in the change room
  • Stop and advise your teacher if you feel any pain during class – this is not normal
  • Stop if you feel dizzy or out of breath and come down to your knees
  • Relax and enjoy!

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